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Quality Nature Photography

My love of photography first started around 8 years ago using a simple point and shoot camera and has develped through to my current extensive array of photography equipment centered around Nikon's and more recently Sony's  formats. As an engineer with a love of photography, progressing from an enthusiastic amateur to an advanced professional has been an exciting journey and has enabled me to learn my craft based upon a comprehensive understanding of light, the interaction of  camera, lens and subject as well as the essential fundamentals of photography as it relates to the  eternal triangle of aperture, ISO, shutter speed.

I designed my website over a 3 month period in 2019, and would recommend a similar self design process to anyone contemplating setting up their own website. My site is intended to  showcase my work from short Trips and Tips stories, detailing particular photographic trips or shoots that i have gone on together with technical views and opinions on a range of photographic concepts and equipment reviews.

The montage and gallery sections of my site which display key and selected images from my portfolio respectively, the communictions sections which provide for subscribing to my newsletter or  submitting comments/opinions and questions which i will respond to personally, and finally a photo/print buy section for those who are interested  in acquiring any of my images.

My work is also featured on instagram and i have a secondry website "no nonsense photography" which is dedicated to in depth presentation of technical photogrphic matters and concepts for the enthusiastic amateur or aspiring professional alike - all  my secondry sites can be accessed in the top right portion of my home page by clicking on the corresponding icon or link.

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