Early Morning Squacco Heron Shoot at my Local Estuary

06 August 2018

Living near a coastal estuary close to my home, i spend most weekend early mornings, when  I am not travelling, at the estuary photographing  waders and  other coastal birdlife. Squacco Herons being one of the most popular species to frequent this site, and with few people around except for a few fishermen offloading their nights catch, I was able to follow this Squacco around for some time with my D500 camera and 500mm f/4 prime lens.

Squaccos by nature are very skittish, even though the Estuary area is very popular , so in using my 500 F/4 prime on a tripod at the estuary edge was able get a good number of high quality flying and at rest shots with the unique Squacco colouring displayed in all its spendour in the early morning sun.